Going on Strike!

The Looters Have Taken Over

Maybe the Mayans were right. It is an end of an Era of American Freedom, Perseverance and Self Reliance.  The Looters have voted in their messiah and will continue to persecute the producers, castigate patriots and dishonor Our Constitution.  Ayn Rand was just too correct, the Looters, those divisive and greedy takers who are not producers have taken over.  It won't last long as we producers, believers in Self Reliance, we acceptors of responsibility, are going On-Strike.  We will continue in the background to prepare for our resurgence as the Country of Looters continue to decimate the economy, develop more socialistic infrastructure and propagate separatism and division instead of Unity.

We Are In Atlantis!

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Globally, energy is currently in constrained supply.  There is just not enough to go around.  Until alternative (to fossil fuels) resources are developed and readily available to everyone, there will continue to be World-Wide striving for additional energy.

Like other 'politically correct' issues in the USA, we seem to have stooped to the lowest point in recent history.  Where ARE the LEADERS in this country.  A leader who had strong moral fiber and will stand up to special interest, lobbyists and all the others just wanting handouts. We The People, have to stand up and DO something about this travesty.

Energy Freedom

The United States of America is the Greatest Nation conceived in the history of this little planet.  No matter how you (the Citizens of the USA) believe; whether politically left, right or centrist, you HAVE to believe we can do better.  The divisive politicians over the past years have created a 'politically correct' culture of separatist beliefs.  We USed to be AMERICANS; period!  Now everyone is grouped in little sub-groups and special interest categories that politicians can pander to.  Separatist movements create conflict. Compromise, a founding principal, is seemingly a thing of the past;  Cooperation non-existent.  Doing the 'right thing' is something that has no foundation in the conscience of politicians.  We need a new 'citizen politicians'; ones that will perform as the Founding Fathers of this Great Nation conceived.  They didn't envision the huge bureaucracy that exists in Washington and the state/local governments. 

Our elected officials look out for themselves, not their constituents.  No matter federal or state or local, it is me, me, me and my 'friends' (read contributor$).  These boobs are supposed to be listening to US and taking the resultant desires to the political bodies (local, state, federal) for discussion, compromise and resolution.

Self reliance, love of our neighbors, love of Country and belief in this great Nation seems to be a thing of the past; iff you believe the so-called Free Press.  Even the most jaded of you reading this should agree that the 'Independent Press' is a thing of the past in the USA.  It has become the agency of special interests.  No longer are the reporting press interested in "Truth, Justice and the American Way"!

The USA has been a 'melting pot' since it's founding! (Click Here to read the original founding documents!) WE as Citizens of this great country have to stand up and say 'We are Proud Americans!' who love this Country.  Don't be ashamed of it, if you believe that something is wrong, DO SOMETHING to correct it.  We certainly can't trust the yahoo's in Washington or most of the local/state boobies.

Yes, I know that there are Some good guys out there and to them I humbly apologize.  But those 'good guys' have to have the backbone to stand up and shout from the rooftops; not cower and wait for seniority.  The corrupt nature of Washington and it's filtration down to State/Local governments has to be reversed.  No, it won't happen overnight, but finding a true LEADER should be the right start.  Someone who has the 'Right Stuff' to stand up and communicate and LISTEN to We the People.